About radio

Rock Republic Capiz is an Internet radio station that broadcasts from the city of Roxas, the capital of the province of Cadiz, Philippines. On the air you will hear various songs in the rock style., A carefully selected playlist of only the best hits will allow you to appreciate this radio station. Among its competitors, this station has a cleaner broadcast sound and is available for listening around the world.

Slogan: "Rock Radio by The Bay"

Language(s): English, Filipino.

Format: Rock.

City: Roxas City


  • Maffet Deiparine
    I hope the format is still the same... no DJs... less talk, more music...
  • Jenna
    Hi, DJ, have a wonderful day, enjoy it as always.. the music you play By ❀️. mmmuuaaahhhh.. have a good Monday
  • Candido Mijos Dugaduga Jr.
    Oh my God! I love the playlist! πŸ₯° Please play the song "Miss You" by Mick Jagger, thank you.
  • Ofelia Clemente Hipolito
    I listen to rock republic radio every day
  • Alex
    I accidentally found you rock republic and since then I have become your regular listener. Beautiful soulful music. You're cool. I really like the pages of history. Be always!
  • Jam
    Good music 🀟🏻🀟🏻🀟🏻🀟🏻