91.5 Win Radio is a radio station owned by Mabuhay Broadcasting System and operated by ZimZam Management, Inc. Manuelito "Manny" Luzon. On the air, you will hear excellence in delivering music, entertainment, creativity and information that satisfies listeners in the Philippines and around the world. One of the largest broadcast networks in the Philippines.

Slogan: "IN-INI-NI"

Format: Contemporary MOR, OPM.

Genre: Old songs, Rock, Pop, Love Songs, Indie Rock.

First air date: 1980

City: Mandaluyong

Callsign: DWKY

Owner: Mabuhay Broadcasting System

Broadcast area: Mega Manila and surrounding areas

TOP songs on Win Radio

  • Mr. Mister - Broken Wings
  • The Moffatts - Miss You Like Crazy
  • Edwin McCain - I Could Not Ask For More
  • Coldplay - Fix You
  • Green Day - 21 Guns
  • The Cars - Drive
  • Passenger - Let Her Go
  • FM Static- Tonight


  • Maki Rena Maki Rena
  • Macho Bibo Macho Bibo
  • Idol Bigman Idol Bigman
  • Lara Morena Lara Morena
  • Kuya Jay Machete Kuya Jay Machete
  • Mama Colleen Mama Colleen
  • Mr. Fu Mr. Fu




  • Klara
    Hi Kuya Jay Machete. It is very captivating that you always have such active DJs. They hold the whole radio station! ha ha keep up the good work
  • Evelyn Flores
    In my city, win station is very popular. I like it too, very good content. Win thanks for adding the top songs of the radio station, replenishing my playlist. Win with you is never boring.
  • Emily
    There is nice music here to relax, as well as DJs who bring a very good mood every day! 😊