About radio

Barangay LS 97.1 is a radio station in the Philippines that broadcasts music and news, on an FM frequency operated by the GMA Network. Broadcasts from Quezon City. This station is known for its DJs who broadcast and entertain listeners. On the air you will hear a mixture of popular songs and humorous talk shows for adults.

Slogan: "Tugstugan Na"

Language(s): Filipino.

Format: Contemporary MOR, OPM.

First air date: June 1955

City: Quezon City

Callsign: DWLS

Owner: GMA Network

Broadcast area Metro Manila and surrounding areas

Sister stations


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  • Dudut Dudut
  • Jepoy Jepoy
  • Cy Cy
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  • Carlo Carlo
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  • Precy Aduana
    Hi, Papa Vow, please say hi to my colleagues who were able to go to work because I was tired from our walk yesterday in Looc Beach Bagac Bataan
  • Abner Albao Jr.
    Gud evening papa JT .. always pong nakatune Ang Cueto family From Sto tomas pasig city
  • Shyriene Manahan
    Pa request naman po ng song.. December by: Taylor Swift
  • Mariane Myr Gaddi
    I don't celebrate Valentine's Day and I can listen to love songs, as well as tell my husband that I love him regardless of the holiday and the day of the week.
  • Mich Lao
    Good afternoon, Dad Dudut. since then and until now we have not been able to tune in, even though we live in Baguio, we will listen to a love story.
  • Yolly Ambunan Jestre
    Dad Hey, Dad, I'm making my husband Baeta cook our lunch to gossip with the neighbors! Barangay LS love you very much!
  • Alice Antonio
    Daddy Ace, Daddy Stamps, we'll text when you flirt, because you're all so funny, we laugh so much.
  • MaryAnn
    Good afternoon, Papa Dean, please request a samsung group 143 song. All my workmates really like this song and raises our working spirit for the whole day.
  • Allan
    Song "Please Naman" by Michael Philips
  • Alyssa
    Good morning. Can I request a song from Michael Philips titled "PLEASE NAMAN"? Thank you!