About radio

Capital FM2 is a state radio station from Phillipines, owned by Presidential Broadcast Service,which broadcasting on 104.3 FM from Mega Manila and surrounding areas. Here you can listen to music, as well as hits of the 80s, 90s and 2000s and other various programs. This radio has its own program and frequently updates playlist. The station works 24/7 online.

Slogan: "The Capital Sound of Manila!"

Language(s): English.

Format: OPM, Adult Contemporary hits.

First air date: March 18, 1980

City: Manila

Callsign: DWFT

Owner: Presidential Broadcast Service

Broadcast area Mega Manila and surrounding areas


  • Anjanette Anjanette
  • Jason Jason
  • Edwin Edwin
  • Grace Grace
  • Georgia Georgia
  • Mighty Mike Mighty Mike
  • Big D Big D
  • Claudine Claudine
  • Super Mitch Super Mitch
  • Jsa Jsa
  • Jeremiah Junior Jeremiah Junior
  • Monica Monica
  • Shelly Shelly
  • Joey Pizza Joey Pizza
  • North Andrew North Andrew



  • Peersbox
    Wow the real deal! Рappy to hear that you have a roster of DJs like the great ones we had some years back :) well-researched playlists, smart and cool insights. Joey Pizza during work hours today TGIF!
  • Justine Pastor
    You have become the discovery of this month for me! My dad in the car turns on your radio all the time. A good selection of content.
  • Justine Pastor
    Such cool songs, they really come to my mind. I've added a few to my favorite playlist.
  • Monica
    Crystal clear sound. Thanks FM2
  • Michael Lu
    Cool selections of songs on radio 104.3 FM2. I also like your Facebook polls, I participate everywhere.
  • Johnson Decena
    FM2 Philippines thanks for shout out Big D... Nice meeting you in person .. and maliit na bagay lang yun... You are very much welcome
  • Caloy Sky
    May I request that every time music is played on th FM2 radio station, name of music is played because music is so cool, relaxing and invigorating for th mind and body.
  • Shelly Morano
    The weekend with Claudine is really best. I've been waiting all week to hear that voice. The mood here is good, so I listen to the radio live every day. Thanks for good music.
  • Francis Mangahas
    New wave on Monday is so great. It's like coffee in the morning to start your day.. :)) More new wave please! More power! Cheers!!!
  • Nowie Bautista
    Am a regular liistener and an avid fan of your station. Just want to know title.of th song played just now if i can have your contact number pls.thanks