Pinoy Rap Radio is an online music station that broadcasts in a streaming format from that city's National Capital Region, Philippines. On this broadcast, you will hear hip-hop and underground rap created by Filipino artists. Rap station Rapid wants in order for it to contribute in the music industry of Philippines by sharing its work online and broadcasting music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, expanding its presence on new website forums and programs.

Slogan: "The No. 1 Online Pinoy Rap Radio"

Format: Music.

Genre: RnB, Hits, Hip-Hop, Rap.

City: National Capital Region, Philippines

TOP songs

  • Gloc-9 — Halik (feat. Flow G)
  • Skusta Clee — Nandito Lang Ako
  • Shanti Dope — Nadarang
  • Gloc-9 — Gloc-9
  • Mac Mafia — Usok
  • Gloc-9 — Oka (feat. Loir)
  • Shanti Dope — Amatz
  • Skusta Clee — Kung Tayo
  • Darren Espanto — One Moment In Time
  • Richard Carpenter — Calling Your Name Again
  • Yeng Constantino — Ferris Wheel
  • Flo Rida — Club Can't Handle Me



  • Austin Merry
    Good afternoon, guys and beautiful DJs... 🥰
  • Emily Capa Disto
    You're still alive, we thought you were already dead, Filipino rap radio
  • Roberto Samonte
    Hey Pinoy Rap, I missed you! Try the salad "Forest bitter pumpkin"! so that it will be easier for you, throw away a small python gallbladder! If I live to see 2028!!!
  • Jhun Tubat
    great news station! It is very convenient that you can listen on different frequencies. I often go on business trips and I can keep up with all news! great job
  • Adam
    Well, here they play exclusively songs that it is impossible not so sing along. That's why I really like turning you on in my car when I'm driving alone. Thank you for collecting all my favorite tracks in one place.
  • BaMBlaze
    wow! Pinoy Rap Radio ayos!
  • Joel Cann
    Rap radio Pinoy!!! In my youth and until this day, you are my companion at that patient's bedside, when I sleep, when drive a car. You were not far from where I used so live. I missed some of your DJs.
  • Mund Fajardo
    I feel at home when I listen to you. Summer atmosphere of songs. Thanks! I'm listening for you from Spain.
  • Staf
    I really like Pinoy music station. I'm listening for you live
  • Joel Oga-a
    Pinoy Hip-Hop audition from Saudi Arabia