DWRK Easy Rock 96.3 FM radio station Philippines (which was launched in 1988) is owned and operated by the Manila Broadcasting Company. It is the most popular lightweight radio and is preferred by listeners, especially in the office, as well as motorists. The main format of the station is light rock music, but it also presents adult contemporary music, soft rock, ballads and much more.

Slogan: "Just the Rite Rock"

Format: Adult Contemporary music.

Genre: Rock.

First air date: 1972

City: Manila

Callsign: DRWK

Owner: Manila Broadcasting Company

Broadcast area: Mega Manila and surrounding areas


  • Nick Picks Nick Picks 14:00 - 18:00
  • All Day Easy All Day Easy Everyday
  • Daily Dose - Chloe Daily Dose - Chloe 10:00 - 14:00
  • Good Vibes - Samantha Good Vibes - Samantha 06:00 - 10:00
  • Lite All Nite - Shai Lite All Nite - Shai 18:00 - 22:00


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  • fernan
    hi DJ Request po sana ng IDANA ..thanks
    Hi DJs! Can I request po, “PLEASE NAMAN” by MICHAEL PHILIPS, thank you 😊
  • Mark Sakalam
    When E-heads perform, even new bands that are popular today will still be surprised and impressed by E-heads' song and music.
  • Chai Noel Hernandez Roma
    hi Dj sam pa greet po kami n Noel anniversary namin today and birthday ko po...🤭😜 thank u.. àt please po tumawa ka ulet..😀
  • Mark Mhelan O Salavedra
    i love this kinda RA because of the aura and its easy to listen too full of music, because easy rock ^_- My name is teetuh~
  • Dolyn Dylan Drayco
    great music!
  • Nathan
    I listen to Easy Rock Manila in my office when I'm reporting. No wonder they write that this Easy station is suitable for those who work ... the perfect soundtrack for the office or car. Easy Manila I love you
  • Caleb
    Easy Rock Manila is my favorite radio! What I really like is that listening to your playlist relieves me of the daily stress that I face every day at work and allows me to get into a little bubble where only love and music exist.
  • Adam
    My favorite easy station in the Philippines!! Thanks for the good mood! 😍 I always listen to Easy Manila
  • Demi29
    Ever since I started listening to Easy Manila, I've been addicted to it.❤️ All the old songs bring back memories to me❤️❤️ Thank you very much Easy Manila!