107.5 Win Radio Davao is an FM radio station broadcasting music and hot talk programs. On the air are played old songs and pop, which are served by professional DJs. It's station provides entertainment and information program, including news, various interviews and reviews. Broadcasting is carried out at a frequency of 107.5, which ensures high-quality reception in a larger area. Also, Win Radio station is a popular source of entertainment and information for listeners who appreciate a high-quality radio program.

Flagship radio: Win Radio Manila

Language(s): Filipino, Cebuano.

Format: Contemporary MOR, OPM.

First air date: February 1, 1992

City: Davao

Callsign: DXNU

Owner: Mabuhay Broadcasting System

Broadcast area Metro Davao and surrounding areas


  • Anne Tisay Anne Tisay
  • Lily Gaya Lily Gaya
  • Dino Valentino Dino Valentino
  • Don Romantiko Don Romantiko
  • Paulo Azkal Paulo Azkal