About radio

91.5 Brigada News FM Davao (DXKX) is a regional radio station in Cebuano and Filipino, which a part of the Brigada News Network and broadcasts from the Metro Davao and surrounding areas. On the air broadcast to latest local news and contemporary music. It's a radio is a trendsetter in its innovative FM broadcast format, so you can listening at any time of the day or night.

Flagship radio: Brigada News FM Manila

Broadcast Hours: from 4:00 AM to 00:00 PM

Language(s): Filipino, Cebuano.

Format: Contemporary MOR, Talk, News.

First air date: August 10, 2015

City: Davao City

Callsign: DXKX

Owner: Brigada Mass Media Corporation

Broadcast area Metro Davao and surrounding areas



  • Annce B Alcoy
    Good afternoon, Rachel did the right thing, at least he didn't regret anything at the end, shout from the Rosario of northern Samara, I always listen to your fb live
  • Sherill
    I often listen to my favorite bands here: Agatha and Siskin, and I always listen to you with pleasure... Great radio wave!
  • Gregunsc Clavano
    I heard that an elderly citizen caught two snakeheads. How many years I've been living here, I still can't get used to snakes. Thank you for covering all relevant news, Brigada News FM, more power!
  • Lyra Sison
    Good afternoon to you lala brigada
  • Issa Reyes
    You have become the discovery of this month for me! Thank you for keeping up to date with all the latest news. This incident with the teacher at school just blew my brain...