About radio

Radyo Boholano FM is a local radio station located on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. It broadcasts on the FM wave and offers its listeners a diverse program, including news, music and local broadcasts. The station is known for its music and local content, which is the main attraction for its listeners. Radyo Boholano FM is a popular radio station among the local community and has many regular listeners.

Slogan: "Your music FM"

Language(s): Filipino, English.

Format: News.

First air date: 2005

City: Bohol, Philippines



  • Josie Ramirez
    Thank you for the latest news. I'm watching you live
  • Cindy Bas-bas
    Wow nagapaminaw ko from Carmen bohol,,,now playing enchanted
  • Allan Binlod
    Makapawala sa kakapoy ang inyong tukar..xge mig pminaw kra adlaw
  • Aldrin Toribio
    Kanunay gyud ko nagapaminaw sang inyong music garabe ka nindut og mga bag-o
  • Joel Hornedo
    Good afternoon and happy Monday, we had rainy days at the weekend, but I liked listening to the soft sounds of Radyo Boholano. Happy new week.. always be safe 😊❤️
  • Aldin Cubero Bagnol
    Hello good evening Dj Jomz and all Radyo Boholano listeners... Can I request? Could you play either "Before I Fall in Love Again" by Marie Osmond or "Right Here Waiting" by Monica... Thanks
  • Randy Sarabia
    Shout out from Leyte
  • Anastasia
    Good music 🎵