About radio

DYTR-AM Bohol is a local radio station on the island of Bohol, Philippines. It operates on FM and AM frequencies and broadcasts local news, music and other programs. Radio station DYTR-AM is one of the regional radio stations and is popular among the residents of Bohol. Its signal has good coverage and covers most of the island, which makes it accessible to many listeners.

Slogan: "Tinood na Radyo!"

Language(s): Filipino, Boholano.

Format: Public Affairs, Talk, News.

First air date: 1980

City: Bohol

Callsign: DYTR-AM

Owner: Tagbilaran Broadcasting System

Broadcast area Bohol and parts of Cebu



  • Arturo Amoncio
    Good afternoon, Brother Sendoy. I enjoy your program every day, keep it up, more power.
  • Marcely Villamor Schaffner
    The beach in Dowie is so dirty because there are a lot of houses. Of course, their embezzlement. Human waste and household waste. Where will they throw it? Maybe in the sea? That's why there's always a red tide
  • Amel Minoza
    Thank you to your radio for t latest news. I am following new updates on Facebook
  • Ferdinand Asubar
    Good afternoon Sir Richard watching from Al khobar KSA maayong hapon Bohol
  • Leo Armando
    I'm listening to you from Libertad, Baklion. More energy!
  • Jhonbords Bordios Jr.
    Good morning Sir Weng, The city of San Isidro is a great place to stay in Marcelo and Nang Garay
  • Maria Garcia
    Bohol Radio - thank you for your efforts to please listeners. You play exclusively songs that it is impossible not to sing along to.
  • Rolando Flores
    DYTR is awesome! I listen with my wife when we drive to work. It's very nice to hear from you. DYTR thanks for your work.
  • Jose Mendoza
    I've been looking for this station for a long time! I like DYTR, and I have become your regular listener! It feels like you always know what I'm going to like. Thank you for your hard work!