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DZRM Radyo Magasin is a radio station that provides news and information in the Philippines. It broadcasts programs in the Filipino language, including current affairs, news and public information broadcasts on the 1278 AM frequency. DZRM radio station also broadcasts programs live from Manila and enjoys a wide audience across the country. It is one of the main radio stations in the Philippines and is known for its broadcasts that contain useful information for listeners.

Language(s): Filipino.

Format: Public Affairs.

First air date: 1987

Callsign: DZRM

Owner: Philippine Broadcasting Service

Broadcast area Mega Manila and surrounding areas

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  • Shaun Ivan Trinidad
    Hi! I have been listening to you online with great pleasure for some time, the news is essentially. I like to be aware of what is happening
  • Lesly
    Hello, good evening. Can I request? Could you play either "Before I Fall in Love Again" by Marie Osmond or "Right Here Waiting" by Monica... Thanks
  • Nida Garcia-Morada
    I listen to Radyo Magasin every day. Good afternoon, Mama Cha and Mama Marinela.
  • Mary Rose Rocero
    Thank you for your work. We are listening to you from Pasig.
  • Jessy
    Well, here they play exclusively songs that it is impossible not to sing along to. That's why I really like to turn you on in the car when I'm driving alone. Thank you for collecting all my favorite tracks in one place.