Eagle FM 95.5 is a radio station operating in the FM band at a frequency of 95.5 FM. The radio station broadcasts musical compositions of various genres, as well as news and advertising. Listeners can enjoy the live broadcast, which is conducted by DJs. The logo of the radio station contains an image of an eagle, which symbolizes strength and power. Eagle FM 95.5 is one of the most popular radio stations in the region, which attracts the attention of a large audience.

Language(s): English.

Format: OPM, Classic hits.

First air date: 1973

City: Manila

Callsign: DWDM-FM

Owner: Eagle Broadcasting Corporation

Broadcast area Mega Manila and surrounding areas


  • Peachy Peachy
  • Hitman Hitman
  • Kyle Kyle
  • Gabbi Gabbi
  • Leeanne Leeanne
  • Kate Kate
  • Daryl Daryl
  • Ten-Ten Ten-Ten



  • Jun Calonia
    Nice morning playlist of song, inspiring...