Soul Radio is a music radio station in the Philippines created with the help of Music Please and Mart van de Stadt AV with the support of a number of freelance media professionals. The air plays an exquisite mixture of soul, funk, R&B and disco. As well as the famous classics of the 70-80s. At this radio station, the musical selection of songs is very carefully carried out to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of listeners.

Slogan: "The station that moves you, SOUL Radio Capiz."

Format: Music.

Genre: Easy Listening, Smooth Jazz, Pop.

City: Manila


  • Right - On! Right - On!
  • Midnight & You Midnight & You
  • Thee Wild Down Thee Wild Down



  • Nensy
    I accidentally stumbled upon you, but the songs here are right for my musical taste. Very good songs! I am delighted. Strength to you and good work