Smooth Jazz 24/7 is a genre of music that is characterized by a smooth, soft and relaxing sound. He plays around the clock on the radio and on the Internet. This is a musical style that usually includes a saxophone and other instruments that create an emotional and melodic rhythm. This is a genre that is often associated with blues and instrumental music.

Slogan: "The World's Favorite Smooth Jazz Station!"

Language(s): English.

Format: Easy Listening, Jazz.

First air date: 2011

City: London, England, United Kingdom


  • Michael Lington Michael Lington Fridays -12:00
  • Alicia Kaye Alicia Kaye Daily - 10:00
  • Jimi King Jimi King Daily - 08:00
  • Stephanie Sales Stephanie Sales Daily - 06:00
  • Vincent Ingala Vincent Ingala Wednesdays - 00:00