About radio

Pinoy Love Radio is a radio station that targets an audience from the Philippines. The radio station plays music and broadcasts content related to topics of love and relationships. It is a popular source of music, entertainment and news in the Philippines. This radio station can also have DJ and broadcast music in various genres, depending on the preferences of the audience.

Slogan: "Simply the Best"

Language(s): English.

Format: Easy Listening, Love Songs, Adult Contemporary hits.

First air date: April 9, 2012


  • Address: Bunkyo-ku , Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 112-0002.
  • Phone: 9757596556.


  • Gregardo Paule Balones
    A great playlist for moments of relaxation. I listen to you every day and wish you success!
  • Roselynne Castillo
    Thank you so much for playing the good oldies musics, Sunday sounds!
  • Raffy
    Well, here they play exclusively songs that it is impossible not to sing along to. That's why I really like to turn you on in the car when I'm driving alone. Thank you for collecting all my favorite tracks in one place.
  • Aly
    Hi to all! Can I request a song from Michael Philips titled "PLEASE NAMAN"? Thank you in advance!
  • Juan Jr Gab
    103.7 Pinoy Love you have good songs. I was advised to tune in to this frequency by a friend who is well versed in music. And I didn't regret listening to him. Thanks 103.7 Pinoy
  • Darsy09
    Pinoy live: you are a great station, you are always a pleasure to listen to and hang out with. It's never boring with you, and you have a good selection of songs. Thank you 103.7 Pinoy
  • Jeff Smith
    103.7 Pinoy station is steep. The DJs are doing a good job. I'm mostly busy all day, but I like to listen to music and here the songs meet my needs. It's good that you don't have to stress. 103.7 Pinoy thank you for your work.
  • Durog Na Puso
    Pinoy is a great station. You are very professional, thank you for your efforts to please the listeners. I love ❤
  • Gan Deloso
    miss jenn balik na tayo sa radio Pinoy hehehe
  • Ean Kris Bacos
    hello love... are you looking for a station? Sun on Sina DJ Jennie?