90.5 Heart FM is a free online radio station. Plays all hits. 90.5 Heart FM broadcasts a wide range of local and national productions, both musical and spoken word, in Hi-Fi stereo. This radio's broadcasters believe in providing real musical diversity so listeners can enjoy an extensive catalog of love songs, pop, ballads, alternatives and OPM.

Format: Top 40 (CHR).

Genre: Hits, Pop, Love Songs, Jazz, Alternative.

City: Manila, Philippines

TOP songs

  • SB19 — Go Up
  • BGYO — Magnet
  • Cher — After All (Love Theme from Chances Are)
  • Janine Berdin — Nasa Puso (From "Kadenang Ginto")
  • Lady Gaga — Always Remember Us This Way
  • Robster Evangelista — Hiwaga
  • SB19 — WYAT (Where You At)
  • Toto — I'll Be over You
  • Zack Tabudlo — Habang Buhay
  • Zsa Zsa Padilla — Through The Years


  • King King
  • Papa Prinze Papa Prinze
  • Gold Princess Gold Princess
  • Oyie Oyie
  • Black Heart Black Heart
  • Ayа Ayа
  • Papa Icko 21 Papa Icko 21
  • Papa Midz Papa Midz
  • Anths Anths
  • Luckey Luckey
  • Rockie Terro Rockie Terro
  • Khel Khel
  • Zeth Zeth
  • Aiam Aiam
  • Rides Rides
  • Chinita Chinita
  • Hotdog Queen Hotdog Queen
  • Lyzar Lyzar


  • Kenneth Caezar Javier
    I just came across this buzz radio. I like everything! I will listen.
  • Edelyn Macalam Barajas
    You have become the discovery of this month for me! I really liked it! Thank you for your work, now on the road I turn on listening only to you
  • Allan
    Hi, can I request a song from Michael Philips titled "PLEASE NAMAN"? Thank you!