Rakista Radio is a radio station that specializes in broadcasting alternative rock music, especially Filipino rock bands. The radio station offers a music program featuring genres such as rock, metal, indie and other styles of music associated with alternative culture. Rakista Radio is a source of music news and information about rock bands, as well as music events in the Philippines and around the world. The station also presents DJs who host their own music programs, featuring new tracks and favorite classic hits.

Language(s): English.

Format: Rock, Hip-Hop, OPM, Dance.

First air date: 2012

City: Manila

Top 10 Most Requested Song:

  • Blood Over Matter - Hell And High Waters
  • NICHOLAY - Paradise
  • Troy Alcala - Kalangitan (Kundi'man)
  • Salamin - Prodigal
  • Troy Alcala - Pasensya Na
  • Corvus Mind - Laro
  • Corvus Mind - Orasan
  • Curbside - Miedo
  • Wolfgang - Sandata
  • Wilabaliw - Matador