About radio

Cool-FM 90.1 is a radio station that broadcasts on the frequency 90.1 FM from Goa, Philippines. She is known for her contemporary music and popular programs that attract a lot of listeners. Famous DJs work at this radio station, who create a bright atmosphere and keep their audience in a good mood.

Slogan: "More music all the time"

Language(s): English.

Format: Top40 CHR, News, Easy Listening.

Callsign: DWCG-FM


  • Papa Carlo Papa Carlo
  • Heart Heart
  • Blu Blu
  • Djnc Djnc
  • MIko MIko
  • Dj_K Dj_K
  • Djip Djip
  • Niqui Niqui
  • Les Les
  • Lyka Lyka
  • Prodigy Prodigy
  • Markie Markie


  • Ronnel Sacro Menil
    Oh, I've been loving you for a long time Cool FM 90.1 even before that, I love you all very much because you're the only one who pleases me
  • Megan
    You have the most talented and top artists! Thank you and please invite Irina Rimes, Carla's Dreams, Delia, The Motives and Ema more often, they are my favorites.
  • Mace Ragudos
    I just came across this buzz radio. I like everything ! I will listen.
  • Olen Pasa
    It is especially good to listen at night. Mix and match. Alternative, then suddenly Manilyn Raines, April Boy, then Dua Lipa, then Freddie Aguilar along with pearl jam. Suddenly I wake up to another track of yours. You are effective. Thanks! Heh-heh-heh...
  • Jim Flynn
    A great playlist, and for me it's a big indicator. I am sure that soon you will be heard by a lot more people! I'm listening to you from Manila.