About radio

97.1 Solid Love FM is a radio station that specializes in music in the style of love ballads created for lovers and everyone who appreciates tenderness and romance. Her listeners enjoy soulful music that evokes emotions and transports them to the world of feelings. On this radio station, the music speaks for itself and creates an atmosphere filled with love.

Slogan: "All about connecting people together to become unbreakable"

Language(s): English.

Format: 90s, Rock, Classic hits.

City: Manila, Philippines


  • Yhurii Yhurii
  • Red Red
  • Mitch Mitch
  • Love Love
  • Aztamiah Aztamiah
  • Killer Smile Killer Smile
  • Killer Smilee Killer Smilee
  • Cha Cha Cha Cha
  • Jam Jam
  • Ja Bee Ja Bee
  • Humble Humble
  • LanGGa LanGGa
  • Ryan Ryan
  • Aya Aya
  • Uno Uno


  • Cher Gomes
    There is nothing stronger than my love for your 97.1 Solid Love FM station. I like the music, some have even been added in my playlist.
  • Professor It-it
    Baw kanamit gid.
  • Tok
    Awesome sounds 97.1 Solid
  • Roldan Delos Santos
    You're wonderful! I recently discovered you! You made an impression on me, and I sent out your frequency for all my friends.