Bombo Radyo Laoag is a news radio station that broadcasts from Laoag, Philippines on 711 AM operated by Bombo Radyo Philippines. This station is part of a nationwide radio network that broadcasts news and current affairs, information, community service, drama and entertainment. Bombo Radio is also considered a folk clock. If they listen to a particular program, they already know what time it is, apart from the information they receive.

Format: National news, Education, Politics, Entertainment, Public Service.

Genre: News, Drama, Public Affairs.

First air date: 1967

City: Laoag

Callsign: DZVR

Owner: Bombo Radyo Philippines

Broadcast area: Ilocos Norte and surrounding areas



  • Magdalena Domingo Balicat
    Good evening po sa lahat. Watching from San Francisco, Luna, Apayao
  • Zack
    I'm listening from home because I'm on 6th day of quarantine. There is a lady who broadcasts th news and reads too fast, although of course she certainly has 100% perfect English, but I can't follow what she says, as if someone is running after her! I hope she will read the news slowly and clearly, Thank you!
  • Jonelle
    thank you bombo, thanks to you I am always up to date with the news, you help out because I am a busy person, I do not have time to watch all the news!
  • Kaline K
    Listening from Palm Springs, California! Listening in memory of my grandparents, Atty Castor Raval and Mrs Porfiry Buted Raval. Thank you for your responsible and constant work! #batang90s in ilocos!
  • Heal Ciagar
    bombo always listening from apayao.
  • Jules Bancud
    How true is the news that there was a fight in the public market in badoc ilocos norte apo bombo,?
  • John Romero
    Hello at Bombo Laoag! Listening from Palm Springs, California! I remember my distant childhood from the 90s in Laoag when I listen to your station! Thank you for the memories, laughter!