1107 Bombo Radyo Kalibo is a radio station owned and operated by Bombo Radyo Philippines through its licensee People's Broadcasting Service. This radio station is located in Kalibo, in the province of Aklan. Interestingly, it is part of one of the most famous radio networks in the country, which contains information and news. For almost 10 years of operation, it still remains the No. 1 radio station and invariably dominates the air, and also enjoys the trust and patronage of the majority of the audience of Aklan Radio, the entire province of Panay and Boracay Island, neighboring provinces.

Format: Talk.

Genre: News, Public Affairs, Drama.

First air date: March 20, 1997

City: Kalibo

Callsign: DYIN

Owner: Bombo Radyo Philippines

Broadcast area: Northwestern Panay and surrounding areas